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My professional path looks more like a winding mountain trail than a straight line highway. But it's this varied experience that makes me valuable as a consultant. 


I started my career as a clinical genetic counselor, where I helped couples address family history concerns, ultrasound findings, and, sometimes, devastating diagnoses. I took on the role of educator, facilitator, and counselor as they grappled with the implications of their situation.

The cutting edge science of cell-free DNA testing drew me to the frenzied world of a health care start-up.  Over my tenure, I built a team of seasoned Medical Science Liaisons across the US and Canada skilled at educating providers and solidifying long-term, loyal relationships with clients and key opinion leaders. 

This experience in industry drove home the importance of an organization’s digital presence.  With a desire to fully understand the digital health landscape, I pursued a Certificate in Digital Health Communication. This training honed the systematic skills I now bring to digital strategy assessment, creation, and implementation.

Now, I leverage this diverse background to advise health-related organizations on how to reach, inform, and engage their target populations. Effectively.

For work related specifically to social media, please visit my partner business, 3 Social Media Strategists here.

Marketing your health message doesn’t have to be complicated.

- Jess Greenwood



 Design and execute website and web-based app development plan for peer-to-peer coaching and goal-setting program for teenagers and young adults with brain injuries. 



Write blog content on health literacy issues. 

- Jess Greenwood


Manage website and social media channels as well as write original content for an online educational resource about preimplantation genetic testing for monogenic disorders (PGT-M). 

Interview and blog post sharing the story of a woman with hereditary ovarian cancer and how preimplantation genetic testing helped her achieve a BRCA-free family.

Blog Post

Sharing Healthy Genes

Television segment on Dr. Phil to explain his MyHeritage at-home genetic testing results to a live audience.


Interview on the National Society of Genetic Counselors Podcast series to discuss how genetic counselors can get involved on social media.


NSGC Podcast Series

Recent Highlights

As a consultant, I focus on delivering memorable messages of health for my clients. I relish the twists and turns it takes to achieve that end goal, from writing in my home office to finding myself on tv!

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